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Destinations In Myanmar

Yangon and Around

Before being made the Capital of Burma by the British Colonialists, Yangon in former times was a fishing village of little importance, a mere jumble of thatched huts. Today the town is also famous for being Asia´s Garden City. Downtown Yangon is a jewel of Colonial Architecture – but alas this jewel is increasingly losing its splendour partly due to the encroachment of contemporary building on traditional sites. Historical Rangoon – as the city was once called – was designed by the same Englishman who did the urban planning for Singapore´s long vanished Colonial Quarter.......

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Mandalay and Around

The centre of arid Upper Burma, Mandalay is the country's 2nd largest city and has approximately 1,2 million inhabitants. The restoration of the legendary “Burma Road” a few years ago (linking Mandalay via Lashio with Yunnan in southern China) made the city on the Ayeyarwady river a recent boom town. How different the situation in the year 1886 which saw the end of Burma's traditional dynastic society. Having defeated the Burmese a third and last time during their enduring hostilities, the British dethroned King Thibaw and exiled the unfortunate monarch and his entourage to India......

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Bagan and Around

This is “the” highlight of any journey to and through Burma. Unforgettable Bagan is one of the world's biggest and most important sacred venues encompassing, at one time (as also reported by Marco Polo) there have been 12000 temples and pagodas on a territory of only 40 square km! With the advent of the 11th century and till the end of the 13th century, kings, generals and dignitaries spared no effort to have brick put upon brick, to built temples and pagodas one after the other with the solitary aim of favorably influencing their re-incarnation......

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Inle Lake and Around

Most Myanmar programs include a visit to lovely Lake Inle. Heho, the small airport, is the gate to this idyll. Sandwiched between two parallel mountain ranges, Lake Inle is Myanmar's second largest lake and home to several of its peoples. The Shan plateau (1000 m above sea level) with its mild climate has attracted Intha, Pao, Palaung, Danu and – above all – Shan peoples. They live as small farmers in hamlets planting and harvesting rice and sesame seed as well as building little white Buddha pagodas to enhance re-incarnation......

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Shan State and Around

Nearly a quarter of Myanmar's geographical area is occupied by the Shan State. This elevated land (up to 1000 m above sea level) forms a geological bridge to Thailand's Northwest. Shan State is structured by mountains up to 2000 m high and divided into a North and a South portion by Thanlwin (Salween) River. Half of the people are ethnic Shan, living in the valleys of Salween River. Despite the altitude, Shan State is still well suited for cultivation of paddy rice, but the crop flourishing especially at high elevation is papaver somniferum, the poppy for opium production......

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Rakhine State and Around

Sittwe, called Akyab by the Bengalese and Saitway by the Arakanese, is and has always been an important entrepot on the way to the Indian Subcontinent. Situated where the mighty Kaladan enters the Gulf of Bengal, Sittwe always benefited from its favorable geographical position. At the dawn of the British Colonial Empire, Sittwe profited from the trade with Chittagong (and on to Calcutta) and thus became quite important. Today not much is left of its Golden Age. However, Sittwe is the gate to Mrauk Oo and also the gate to the beaches of Ngapali. Accommodation in Sittwe has medium standards......

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Nothern Part Of Myanmar

The North of Myanmar is not yet a top tourist destination, but in this area SunBird also has been a pioneer: 10 years ago the first group tour, worldwide, has been arranged from Kunming, capital of Chinese Yunnan, to Lashio in Western Shan State and further on to Mandalay. The North is up to now a territory for those tourists counting comfort not a top priority for traveling. Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State, the huge Indawgyi Lake, Myitsone and Hopin are still (almost) white areas on the map of international tourism.....

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