Nothern Part Of Myanmar

Nothern Part Of Myanmar and around

The North of Myanmar is not yet a top tourist destination, but in this area SunBird also has bee

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Rakhine State

Rakhine State and around

Sittwe, called Akyab by the Bengalese and Saitway by the Arakanese, is and has always been an im

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Shan State

Shan State and around

Nearly a quarter of Myanmar´s geographical area is occupied by the Shan State. This elevated lan

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Inle Lake

Inle Lake and around

Most Myanmar programs include a visit to lovely Lake Inle. Heho, the small airport, is the gate

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Bagan and around

This is “the” highlight of any journey to and through Burma. Unforgettable Bagan is one of the w

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Mandalay and around

The centre of arid Upper Burma, Mandalay is the country´s 2nd largest city and has approximately

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Yangon and around

Before being made the Capital of Burma by the British Colonialists, Yangon in former times was a

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