Shwedagon Pagoda Festival

Shwedagon Pagoda Festival

The festival of the Shwedagon Pagoda is celebrated on the fullmoon day of Tabaung (March) every year. This is the eand mark of Myanmar. vistible from all directions. It situates on the hill of seinguttra and therefore it lore the original name of Seinguttra Ceti.

It was built by King Utkalapa enshrinijg the sacred hair relies of the sord Buddha in this life time. brought by the two young trader brothers Tapuss a and Balirea who went to Buddha gaya to trade and came to see the sord Buddha in his early days of Enlightenment.

The original stupa was only 66 feet. and now becomes 326 feet after many renovations by successive ruears of Myanmar. The Shwedagon is now the second tallest religious structure in the country whereas the first tallest one in the Shwemawdaw pagoda in Bago having the height of 373 feet. It is the most beautiful and magnificent structure in the world. It is a touring spire of Shimmering gold.

It is the world’s richest pagoda. with its geittering crown embeded with inestimable treasure of precious gems and weight of gold beyond enumeration. The whole stupa is not gieted but covered with gold peatesall over. It is one of the madern wonders of the world.

Many people in the country contributes funds for tue reparing wover and a great number of people pay homage every day. There are many festivals throughout the year. The pouring water to the sacred Bo-tree. the overnight weaving contest for the yellow robes. the donation of goldleaves in a buck and many others are unnoticed festivals in each occasion.

The greatest festival is that of Tabung festival. The renovation works were greatly done and the escalator on the western stairway and the elevators in all others are beautifully firced and the elevators in all others are beautifully firced and the spires are rebuilt. Even the camopy is removated with modern techniques.