Our Mission and Vision Statement

We thrive to create the best travel experience for our customers in sustainable way and connecting people, engaged community and delivering the unforgettable memories.
Our aim is to maintain the hospitality spirit of our team and on the other hand to we believe that travel is a transformational experience, that through travel we grow in knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

Sustainability policy

We, SunBird Tours understand that Sustainable tourism consists on providing direct and/or indirect benefits to the communities that are visited. Therefore we strongly commitment to sustaining the culture, heritage and environment of our country tourism while at the same time enhance the country economy, social wellbeing through tourism.

We try to offer a sustainable destination by responsible marketing practices, we follow the national legal framework, considering labour, tourism, environmental and social issues even though we cannot overcome all challenge of delivering a more sustainable holiday product to our clients. This is start up process and trying to encourage to all inclusive from our tourism industry.

Of course, we try to encourage ourselves and our suppliers to actively involve with us to promote social responsibility and minimal operational impacts such as safety practices for clientele, staff, support local economy, the traditions and local culture by promoting development on the communities hosting operation (eg; lunch at local home provide by local, visit for local souvenirs, participation to small local products making place to encourage the people to continue their living,.etc..) and stimulating the local values.

We do not do any business related to illegal trafficking, sexual harassment, and terrorism. We encourage tourists to involve the commitments and best practices, as required on their itinerary.

Using local transports for win-win travel cost effective itinerary, small hotel using solar energy in day time, village home stay program where there is no proper accommodation to enhance the local income,

We try to move forward for reusable water bottle, reduce using plastic bags, using paper, using water, electricity internally, and target to reduce 5%.

For tourists, we introduce reusable water bottle for green environment.

When planning a trip, select the suppliers that offer quality guarantees and follow the national legal frame work, respect for environmental rights.

We encourage to use local products, local foods. It will benefit the economy of the visited towns and will also promote cultural diversity. We inform them that do not purchase any piece of flora and fauna. We outsource the local transportation providers who follow our commitments.

Our commitment

We follow by all Myanmar labour laws. We, reduce energy consumption through replacing all lights bulbs with energy saving light bulb. We strictly implement a switch off policy in the office for light, air conditioning and office equipment. We reduce water consumption by using toilet double flash system, reducing plastic bags usage in office, supporting local make bags, printing both side of the paper, using ecofriendly bar soap at office cleaning, and hand washing, and cleaning. We make sure to all vehicle operators are aware of energy saving such as turn off engines when waiting for clients.

We offer tours to maximize the benefits that tourists can provide to the communities they visit. We initiate community tourism, educational programs, encourage to visit develops projects such as schools, home-age. In the way, each community may get direct benefits from the visitors while getting authentic sources of knowledge of the local culture. We tailor the itineraries we recommend restaurants, shops that could receive benefit for local business. In this way, we promote local attractions, protection of the environment, and tourist services- including accommodations- in many destinations.

SunBird Tours and its partners, clients raised fund for support HIV project, Nargis hit area to rebuilding small local houses, renovation for local school and distributing food. We take part in Tharabar Education Network group annually donation. Our clients support fees for 4 students for monthly school fees since 2013. Now two are studying at University.

We inform all suppliers of our commitment to Travelife sustainability management to growing our community sustainably.

We target to;
We will reduce waste from the office by 10 % over a year.
We will reduce energy bills in the office by 5 % over a year.
We will reduce water usage by 5% over a year
We continue to donate our profit to education and health support to remote areas of Myanmar

For further information for our sustainability policy, please contact [email protected]