RV Mahaythi Cruise

‘Mahaythi’ is almost totally constructed from Thingan wood and furbished with Golden Teaks; it will efforts visitors an opportunity to see the way of life along canal. It provides a glimpse of life on an along the famous canal, which was dug during the colonial era as a short cut across the Ayeyarwddy Delta.
Yangon-Twante-Yangon day return tour
Day return cruise from Yangon to Twante tour by RV Mahaythi Cruise. A cruise trip through to Twante canal takes about 3 hours and Twante noted for its pottery and cotton weaving industries.
Sunset Cruises
Enjoy the river life of Yangon and several cocktails onboard.
‘Mahaythi’ plies the Yangon River and Twante Canal and its tributaries, providing an unforgettable trip and facilities in a luxurious yet traditional style.

Cruise Program Detail

RouteCruise NameDuration
Yangon-Twante-Yangon Mahaythi Day return