Myanmar Airport Tax

Any passengers departing Myanmar on international flights will have to pay a departure tax which is USD 10.- per person. But there is no airport tax for domestic travel.

Myanmar Standard Time

Local time is GMT + 6 1/2 hours

Electricity in Myanmar

Myanmar has 220 Volt 50 HZ. Power blackouts occur frequently, therefore it is advisable to bring a torch light. Bigger hotels organize their electricity supply via generators.

Business Hour

Government offices open from 9:30 am to 16:30 pm, Monday to Friday. Banking hours are from 10:00 am to 15:00 pm on weekdays. Shopping centers and super markets open daily from 9:00 am to 20:00 pm. But the most famous Bogyoke (Scott) market opens from 10:00 am to 17:00 pm and closes on Monday and gazette holidays.


The Myanmar currency is Kyats (pronounced “chats”). The official exchange rate to the USD is about 6:1. This exchange rate, however, is just pro-forma. We recommend visitors to bring US Dollars cash (small denomination notes) which are widely accepted throughout Myanmar and are easily exchangeable for the local currency. It is however possible to exchange US Dollars for Foreign Exchange Certificates (FEC) at the rate of 1 for 1.

Mobile Phone

Myanmar does not have internaional roaming access, so your mobile phone can not work in Myanmar.


Most hotels throughout Myanmar have internet email access at their business center and there are numbers of internet cafes can be easily found in major towns and cities. Please note that the connections tend to be slow and free web mails like Yahoo or Hotmail are normally not accessible.

Left Luggage

Our office (or your Hotel in Yangon – if you are returning there) will be happy to store luggage or belongings which you do not need to take touring in Myanmar.

Immigration & Custom

The basic principle of customs policy in Myanmar is that visitors should exit the country with the same goods and personal possessions that they brought in. Any foreign currency exceeding the equivalent of USD 2,000, jewelry, cameras, video cameras, and professional recording equipments should be declared on your customs declaration form upon arrival. Exports of antique and archaeologically valuable items are prohibited.
Foreigners can bring any foreign currency into Myanmar not in excess of US$ 2000 or its equivalent without making a declaration to Customs on arrival. Only gems and jewelries purchased at the licensed dealers, or who can issue an export permit are allowed to be taken out of Myanmar.

Food & Beverages

Myanmar´s kitchen was mainly influenced by Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine, as a consequence the indigenous foods are often hot. Bigger hotels also offer food of western style.Beer (can or bottle, local or imported) is abundantly available. The country has now wines of its own from a vineyard near Taunggyi at Shan State. Imported wines are also available. Travelers are also advised not to drink tap water. Purified bottled water is readily available everywhere in Myanmar and some hotels provide complimentary.


Tipping in Myanmar is much appreciated.

How to get into Myanmar

Yangon International Airport is the major entry point into Myanmar. There are direct flight connecting Yangon with Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, India, China, Hongkong, and Taiwan.

Please ask SunBird Tours in Myanmar for detail flight schedule.